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Top 10 Restaurants near Piccadilly, Manchester

Manchester is home to some of the oldest train stations in the world. Liverpool Road Station is no longer in use, but its building is the oldest surviving one. Manchester Piccadilly station reigns as the centre of the northern region. You’ll find it at 10 minutes walking distance from Manchester Piccadilly Gardens, and only a 20 minute tram journey from Piccadilly Gardens to Old Trafford football stadium.

Manchester Piccadilly is an ideal gateway for exploring all that Manchester has to offer. This central location means you are only steps away from some of the major attractions in the city as soon as you arrive at Piccadilly. Plus, thanks to excellent public transportation links, it is easy for you to reach any point in Manchester without having to worry about bus rides and lengthy walks.

If you’re looking for a few things to do in Piccadilly, Manchester, grabbing a bite should be top of the list. There are so many options to choose from that it only comes down to your preference. However, when looking for restaurants near Manchester, Piccadilly, make sure you don’t ruin the experience by carrying your bags with you. 

Staying in Manchester, Piccadilly For Just a Short While?

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10 Great Places to Eat Near Manchester Piccadilly Station

Piccadilly is the perfect place to go if you are looking for both Manchester Piccadilly food and drinks on your commute. Next time you’re not travelling or shopping near Piccadilly station, allocate some time for a good brunch or dinner to keep up your strength. And if you happen to be visiting Manchester, don’t forget to check out our tourist-friendly guide to the best restaurants and bars in the area around Piccadilly Railway Station.

1. Bundobust

Bundobust is the top restaurant to visit in Manchester, Piccadilly for Indian street-food style delights. After a shining review from Jay Raynor, this restaurant has been showered with awards and highly recommended due to their fantastic food and comfortable atmosphere.

The menu at Bundobust is reminiscent of the street food you find in India. Their traditional creations are served in paper cups, much like you would find when exploring India and trying the foods yourself. The hallways rich with framed pictures, cool designs and rustic bricks give the restaurant a homey feel. Alongside this, there’s an impressive selection of craft beers on tap and bottles alike–causing every visit to be invigorating and well-rounded.

2. Shoryu Ramen

Japanese chain Shoryu Ramen does not compare to Wagamamas. Established in 1995 and with experience from the Michelin guides, Shoryu is the best and most authentic spot for ramen. The food is a labour of love – pork stock takes over 12 hours to make, homemade nitamago eggs and roasted meats.

3. Brasserie Abode

Piccadilly is not a common place for French food, but Brasserie Abode is a serious contender for good food. Expect dishes like crème Brulee, rock oysters, steak, and crab that will cost you £9.95 each. Head to this restaurant for the Plat de Jour (plate of the day) to taste new dishes at affordable prices.

4. Piccadilly Market

Piccadilly is most famous for the Street Food markets that occur Thursday-Sunday. These vendors change on the weekends, but you can still get a variety of choices such as ostrich burgers, cupcakes, dim sum, and even lamb shish. We usually go for the halloumi fries when they are available. They are shockingly tasty with surprising ingredients such as curry ketchup! However, I don’t even want to think about the calorie content with one serving being 198 calories.

5. Piccadilly Tap

One of the most iconic, central pubs near Piccadilly station in London, Piccadilly Tap is a fantastic place to enjoy beer from the UK and abroad. With prices that are more than reasonable, it is an ideal place for beer enthusiasts like Cicerones or wordsmiths. The focus is on cask and keg beers, but it is also important to remember that this funky pub provides cold water when you need it on your way home.

6. Grub

It might not be the nicest place in Manchester, but the Piccadilly Gardens are worth a visit. You will find food vendors here that offer foods from all around the world. Head on over to preview some of the finest street-food available in the city. It’s open every Friday and Saturday without fail.

7. Pollen

Pollen bakery is a place you will want to visit. They have a selection of sweet and savoury goods on offer with specialty items such as cruffins and croissants. Scared? Yes, but not by these amazing pastries! You can expect simple food executed to perfection as demonstrated by their croissants and cruffins. If all that doesn’t satisfy your appetite, the creme patisserie or fruit curd might do the trick.

8. Café Marhaba

Marhaba is a family-run Indian restaurant that offers great food without the hidden costs. You don’t have to pay much for a hot meal, naan bread, or traditional dishes. Not only can you find freshly cooked curries and a variety of popular dishes, but it’s cheap and comes as a welcome break from so many expensive places.

9. The Dakota Grill and Restaurant

Dakota Grill prides themselves on their classic cocktails and seasonal food; not just the stunning decor. Presenting social dining at its finest, Dakota Grill and Restaurant brings feel-good food with a fabulous twist, impeccably served in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. 

How to Improve Your Manchester Experience

If you’re in town for just a short while, you should store your luggage with our partner. Otherwise, it’s simply going to get in the way of your experience. 

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10. Carluccio’s Manchester Piccadilly

If you need a place to go for a quick but tasty sit-down meal before heading in or out of the city, Carluccio’s is located on the upper concourse of Manchester Piccadilly station. This Italian restaurant, caffè & food shop is open daily for breakfast, lunch & dinner, serving quality, authentic Italian food at sensible prices. 

Things To Do In Manchester Piccadilly

If you’ve already had your fill at one of Manchester’s great restaurants, there are many tourist attractions to see. With its central location, Piccadilly is close to most attractions and bars in Manchester. You can take a short walk or quick tram ride from the station to any of Manchester’s main attractions. If you’re thinking about visiting Manchester, Piccadilly is the perfect place for you.

1. Explore Manchester’s Chinatown

The Piccadilly neighbourhood is just steps from the station, is home to a wealth of Chinese restaurants and unique stores and has a fascinating history that dates back to when immigrants first came to England’s industrial heartland.

2. Visit Manchester’s Abraham Lincoln statue

The Cosmopolitan statue in Manchester is a gift from the US president’s son and has become a destination for quirky photo opportunities. You can also find other famous statues in Manchester such as the Duke of Wellington and the mathematician Alan Turing. 

3. Celebrate contemporary British culture at The Lowry

Opened in 2000, this theatre and gallery complex has quickly become one of the UK’s most important cultural centres. Named after local artist L. S. Lowry, the centre hosts a major exhibition of his works along with those of other painters. It also hosts a variety of theatre performances, including the biannual Week 53 Arts Festival.

4. Check out the Science and Industry Museum

The Industrial Revolution created the modern world in many ways, and it began in and around Manchester. The Science and Industry Museum tells this fascinating story through interactive exhibits and objects from this period of history.

As you can imagine, it’s all about your timetable. You’re not at any risk of running out of things to do in Manchester Piccadilly. 

We’ll Keep Your Luggage Safe

It’d be a real shame to have your experience burdened by your luggage. You’re in one of the world’s greatest, most beautiful, most diverse cities, so  you should fully enjoy it.

If you’re in Manchester for just a few days (or even a single day), drop off your bags here

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