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Luggage Storage Aberdeen ()

Our Luggage Storage Services


Reimbursement Guarantee

If you experience unforeseeable damage or theft, we cover each piece of luggage with up to £250 guarantee.

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All luggage storage booked on is backed by our reimbursement guarantee.

To date, no customer has complained about damage or theft at any of our left luggage locations.

For your reassurance, we will reimburse customers who experience damage or theft at any of our luggage storage partners up to £250, subject to T&Cs. Read more about this when you book online.


Flat rate

Only £7/day per bag, no size limits. Overnight storage is also available for £7 per bag, per extra day. If an item weighs more than 30kg, please let us know before booking.


Verified Locations

CitySpareSpace carefully vets every storage partner to ensure quality.

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CitySpareSpace does a careful selection in choosing luggage storage providers to partner with. We take our business partnerships seriously, which is why we vet every luggage storage provider before they register on our website.

Each bag storage location is a trustworthy business that has a secure area for luggage storage. At the same time, our business model contributes to the local economy by supporting small businesses.


Safe and Secure

There may be a quick security check on your bag. Then your bags will each get a tamper-proof security seal and be stored securely.

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Safety and convenience for our clients are our top priorities. When you arrive at our left luggage location, there might be a quick security check on your bag (we have an open bag policy). Then your bags will each get a tamper-proof security seal and will be kept in a secure location. Every tag has a unique number, so that you know that you’re getting secure luggage storage.

Our luggage storage partners are required to have CCTV at their business location.


Dedicated Support

We’re here for you. Our admin team answers all enquiries during office hours (Mon – Sat, 9:00-17:00).

Put your Mind (and Arms) at Ease

Frequently Asked Questions

Can someone else pick up my bags?

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No, the person’s name on the booking is the person who must drop off and pick up the bags. We do make exceptions to this, but only if you contact us beforehand with all the necessary details.

I want to become a storage partner, what should I do?

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Email us at, and we can discuss registration.

Can I change my booking?

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Yes, if you booked the wrong dates or need more days of storage, that’s no problem. Please email us at to tell us which date and time you mean to book.

When are opening hours?

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Each location has their own opening hours. This is listed on their location page on our website and will also be included in your confirmation email. Bank Holiday hours will vary depending on the location, so please make sure that you book within opening hours.

Prohibited Items

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Please do not store any money, passport, travel documents, or any high-value items.

What happens if I'm late?

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No problem, you can drop off or pickup your bags any time during open hours on the days that booked. If you need more days of storage, simply contact us at and we can help you amend your booking.
Please do not make another booking before contacting us to amend your booking. We’ll help you change the dates if you need us to do so.

How does this website work?

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You can use our website to find, book, and pay for luggage storage locations. Once you make a booking, you are then sent a confirmation email which includes these:

  • Opening hours for your storage location
  • Address for your storage location
  • Confirmation booking code (you’ll need this to drop off your luggage)

Make sure that you bring your confirmation booking code and your ID (passport, license, bank card, or something similar) to drop off and pick up your bags. If you made the booking, then you must be the one who drops off and picks up your items (unless you prearranged something different with us). Our storage partners will not provide your items to your friends or family members.

I didn’t receive my confirmation email, what do I do?

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Email us at if you did not receive your confirmation email.

Do I have to pay in advance?

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You must book on our website in order to keep your bags at our locations. Of course, you’re welcome to go to storage locations near you and book as you arrive. Stores cannot accept direct payments. You must book and pay online.

Can I cancel my booking?

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Yes, you can cancel your booking, but there is an admin fee for cancellation that varies depending on how much you spent on your booking.

Can I book long term luggage storage?

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Yes, email us at to get your long term luggage storage quote.

Is there a size restriction on my bag?

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At most locations, there is no size restriction on bags. We only charge per bag, whether it is big or small. If your bag is very oversize (more than 30kg or taller than you), please let us know. If there is a size restriction, then the storage partner’s page on our website will tell you. If you aren’t sure, just contact us at, and we’ll let you know.

Can I get a refund?

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Yes and No


If you need to cancel your booking, email us at telling us that you want to cancel your booking, and we will refund you your money. There is a 10% admin fee for canceling your booking. Refunds usually take 5-10 business days to appear in your account. For example, if you paid £6 to store your bag, then we’d refund you £5.40 (10% admin fee = £0.60).


Refunds will not be issued if you cancel your booking the day after your booked dates. If you do cancel your plans, please ensure that you let us know straight away.

What can I store with CitySpareSpace?

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We store luggage, bags, suitcases, boxes, and other things. If you are storing something other than a bag, just send us an email at to let us know so that we can ensure we have enough space for larger items (prams and bicycles).

Depending on the size and quantity of your items, we can recommend a place to keep your things.

Online Booking

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You can only book and pay for luggage storage on our website. Our storage partners will not accept cash or in-store bookings. Some locations do have computers for you to complete a booking if needed, or you can book on your smartphone while in the store.