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The 21 Most Interesting Things To Do In King’s Cross, London

King’s Cross has seen a lot of investment and renovation in recent years. With all the redevelopment going around, it’s become one of the greatest areas in London for tourists.

Are you looking for fun activities? Some delicious meals? Or maybe just to just walk around in breathtaking parks? Well, then King’s Cross is the place for you.

It doesn’t matter if you’re staying for a week, 1-2 days, or only a few hours. You still have a lot of choices for spending quality time alone, with friends, or with family. 

There are even regular events throughout the year, so it’s likely to find something unique whenever you’re visiting.

One attraction we definitely recommend is the famous Harry Potter 9 3/4 platform. You can take a free picture, or pay for a professional one (plus a House scarf). It’s an experience you’ll want to add to your thing’s do in King’s Cross checklist.

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21 Thrilling Things To Do In King’s Cross

1. Visit Gasholder Park

Gasholder Park is filled with personality. For starters, it’s actually one of the often used filming locations for BBC’s The Apprentice. It also sports an impressive cast iron frame, which is responsible for the park’s iconic name.

It was once situated on the other bank of the canal, holding over 1 million cubic feet of gas. After it was taken apart, great restoration efforts were involved to transform it into today’s “metal casing” of the park.

Pointing high towards the skyline, it encases families, students and office workers daily; each seeking a moment of refuge and respite.

2. Stroll Through Camley Street Natural Park

Do you always want to be outside in nature? Feeling constrained by urban jungles? Camley Street should be at the top of your visiting list. While still situated within King’s Cross, it’ll completely hide you away from the city. 

The wild green space is two acres in size. You’ll be able to get away even from the dense population of London. The only thing that might give away you’re not in a forest is the rail traffic back at the station (if your hearing is really good).

Many plants and wildlife make their home on the banks of Regent’s Canal, with woodland, wetland and grassland all around. 

There’s an outdoor cafe (Kingfisher), nature trails, pond-dipping, a unique floating platform (Viewpoint), and all-around peace & harmony.

3. Sample Australian Craft Beer

Little Creatures is a heaven for craft beer enthusiasts. Even better, the brewery also offers delicious food as well. The entire venue exudes a specific atmosphere, making it a great place to go to with friends and have some fun.

The ales are based on hop, with a selection of tap beer, canned beers and limited special editions. Sometimes, Little Creatures also collaborates with other craft brewers across London.

And what kind of brewery would it be without the most amazing complementary dishes? Stone-baked pizzas, gourmet burgers, and sharing platters of mouth-watering snacks. 

4. Go For American Style Burgers

The Beer + Burger store offers a unique blend of American-style patties and a huge selection of beers. It’s actually one of the largest beer menus in all of London. Naturally, it has an on-site tap room where the magic happens.

The burgers are fast food style, being ordered at-counter. There are 20 craft beers on tap and hundreds of canned options, but only 5 burgers to choose from. That’s a great thing though! 

Each burger is crafted to perfection, with a recipe that’s been sampled by an enormous amount of customers. For example, you have your classic cheeseburger, buttermilk chicken, and vegan burger. 

Furthermore, one burger actually changes each month, being the “guest star” of the “show”. Everything can be paired about with juicy sides such as mac balls, dirty fries, or even dipping gravy.

5. Try Middle Eastern New-Age Cuisine

Looking for a fancy experience? Coal Office is helmed by two industry giants. Tom Dixon designed the contemporary interior, while Assaf Granit is the famed Israeli restaurateur who introduced the menu.

The dishes are bold, modern, and presented in a very stylish fashion. Coal Office is the type of restaurant to make you say “wow” when you’re presented with your meal. The food is fresh, creative, but also experimental.

Going to the Coal Office means being at the forefront of a new type of cooking and plating. While Israel is the base inspiration, the dishes use spices and flavors from the Mediterranean, Middle East and North Africa too.

We recommend trying the beef tataki and the succulent Machneyuda’s polenta.

6. Delight Yourself With Korean Dishes

Korean Englishman is one of the most popular food experiments from the UK. It all started out with a handful of people who wanted to introduce Korean dishes to the west. 

Being video documented on YouTube, the channel quickly gained 4MM+ subscribers across continents. No surprises there; food is a universal “language” between cultures after all.

Korean Englishman is now an open-air kiosk, much like a food truck. The menu doesn’t have a lot of items on it, but what’s there is quality. You can expect classic Korean cuisine staples, such as the (spicy) street toast, and kimchi Chinese toast. 

Everything’s done with Korean-sourced ingredients, but cooked locally and fresh. There’s also a selection of a few Korean beverages.

7. Drink Speciality Coffee

Wildcard is a go-to spot for coffee enthusiasts. A lot of us drink the regular cup of coffee in the mornings just to help get us on our feet. However, if you’re in it for the experience, you owe it to yourself to go to Wildcard.

The cafe has an open kiosk, where you can simply grab your beverage and go. Alternatively, there’s cozy and “homey” seating indoors, and a modern and chic terrace outdoors.

Sourcing of the green coffee beans is done by Quarter Horse, through international suppliers. They’re picked based on quality and seasonality. After test-roasting, they’re assessed based on flavor; the best beans then get fully roasted. 

This has created the special Wildcard blend. 

8. Journey To Sri Lanka

Well, not actually. However, Hoppers’s food will make you feel as if you are right there on the beaches, with the jungle at your back. 

Even the name itself is actually what Sri Lankans call one of their traditional breakfasts – a crispy pancake made with coconut milk. 

In addition, Hoppers also boasts dishes from Southern India. There are many things to do in King’s Cross, but you’re only going to find such dishes here. Think of black pepper curry with prawns, beef poriyal, blue swimmer crab kari.

The indoors area is especially impressive, having regional motifs from coastal areas. Being open space and segmented into areas, it’s also great for bringing chatty friends along. 

9. Snack On Some Mexican Classics

There’s 2 parts to this: Casa Pastor makes the food and serves the drinks. You’ll enjoy them on Plaza Pastor, which is the outside, covered, heated terrace. While mostly a solid choice if you’re looking for a drink, you’d be remiss not to try the amazing taco plates and other goodies.

For example, go for the tortillas. They are made fresh each day, and filled with crab, queso, chipotle chicken, fish, and more! Topped with some fiery or sweet salsa, they make for exquisite snacks or full-on meals. 

Alternatively, pair your margarita, tequila or mezcal with a Mexican-style rotisserie chicken. With the atmosphere also being enhanced with live music, you’re in for a treat!

10. Go Underground And Dance

Looking for a party? SUPERMAX is your late-night, underground venue. The bar serves cocktails & vermouth, with the dance floor eager to receive your sweet moves. We think you’ll find it especially awesome if you’re looking to break away from the mainstream. 

Not only is it buried under the Happy Face pizzeria, but also pretty hard to find overall. You kind of have to know you’re looking for it in order to find it. All of these characteristics make for a bar that gives up that “exclusiveness” feeling. 

Few people want to leave SUPERMAX early once they’re in too. The professional cocktails are mixed with delicious Italian-influenced plates and disco. It’s all very retro and intimate.

All the more reason why you shouldn’t bring your luggage with you. It would simply be extremely inconvenient to have a backpack or something bigger get in the way of your fun.

Instead, just book your King’s Cross £7 luggage storage. We have 2 locations ready to take your baggage off your mind, and one is even open 24/7! We monitor everything with CCTV, and each bag gets a numbered tag. 

11. Head to The Famous Harry Potter Platform

The world-renowned platform 9¾ is also in King’s Cross. If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you already know what that means. If not, here’s the idea: this is the special train platform for students of the magical school Hogwarts. 

The trick is for them to literally dash into the wall and reach the other “magical” side. In the real-life station though, you’ll find the plaque on a wall. 

There’s even a luggage trolley half embedded in the wall ready to assist you take the greatest of snaps. It’s all part of the wonderful make-believe of Harry Potter. 

If you want, there’s also the option of paying for a professional photograph. In that case, you also get a Hogwarts scarf in your chosen House’s color. 

For the biggest of fans, the Harry Potter shop is a real emporium of goodies. Wands, horcruxes, games, jumpers, the works.

12. Discover Canopy Market

Are you a fan of farmer’s markets? Canopy Market is a special weekend-only covered gathering of London’s artisans. They come to trade a variety of charming goods and fresh produce. 

For example, you can find farming products, beer, desserts, wine, jewelry, ceramics and other accessories. Canopy Market is also a great place for street food; for experiences you wouldn’t find elsewhere. 

That’s because of the rotating traders, and of the music that gives the whole place a unique atmosphere. Additionally, this attraction is also worth your time if you’re looking to support local, ethical producers.

The traders also tend to partner up with other businesses in the King’s Cross area, bringing about special weekend features.

13. Shop at Coal Drops Yard

Coal Drops Yard is right in the middle of other things to do in King’s Cross. Whatever else you’re doing, you’ll eventually circle back to it. So don’t miss this opportunity and reserve time to explore it. 

Essentially, it’s built for shopping and dining. You get a vintage feeling thanks to the cobbled streets and the suspended brick walkways. At the same time, towering above you are contemporary glass walls and architecture.

Within Coal Drops yard, you’ll find a mix of over 50 shops, restaurants, cafes and bars. You’ll find both independent craftspeople, as well as bigger and smaller brands. Overall, the plaza looks to offer high-quality, ethically-sourced products.

Everything’s just a stone’s throw away from both King’s Cross and St. Pancras stations, so don’t be shy. Go and visit!

14. Read up At Word On The Water 

Word on The Water is Regent’s Canal’s own little treasure trove. Basically, it’s a floating library. The books are the main attraction, of course, but the barge itself is also explorable. Many visitors have actually found one of their favorite books aboard the floating bookstore.

Besides, if you’re really passionate about reading, you’ll be glad to know that you can do that on the Dutch barge. There’s a stove just waiting for you to cozy up next to it with a great book. 

The roof of the barge is oftentimes used by musicians and other performers too. Every now and then, you might catch a poetry session too.

15. Catch a Movie At Everyman Cinema

We’ve already described SUPERMAX above. Well, it shares a building with Everyman Cinema. This provides the perfect opportunity to catch a carefully curated movie right before or after your underground cocktail bar extravaganza. 

One of the most impressive features is that you won’t find any popcorn or paper-cup soda at Everyman Cinema. Instead, you go and sit down on a very comfortable sofa, while food and drinks are brought directly to you. 

You only need to purchase a ticket, and you’re set. 

16. Admire The Granary Square Fountains

A breathtaking display of 1080 jets of water. While there are many things to do in King’s Cross, it’s likely that this attraction can easily take the cake for most tourists. Each jet in particular can be controlled and lit individually, providing a never ending variety of spectacular displays.

You don’t have to come exclusively at night either. The fountains are on during the day as well, although you’re going to miss the impressive light show. 

If you’re visiting as a family, the square is more than eye candy. Granary Fountains are a popular spot for kids to run through the multiple-patterned water jets and simply have fun. 

One particularly interesting moment to catch the fountains is the early morning. As dawn comes, rolling fog forms above the water and the fountain lights almost color it up like an incandescent cloud.

17. Follow The Bagley Walk

While the famous parks of King’s Cross are Gasholder and Camley Street, this one is more of a hidden gem. The first thing that adds to its secrecy is that it’s elevated. It was built on top of an old railway viaduct.

Bagley Walk follows the shape of Regent’s Canal, offering views towards many of King’s Cross landmarks. The former viaduct is also ripe with vegetation; there are potted and natural plants left and right, accompanying you on the journey of discovery. 

For example, you are going to catch glimpses of Camley Street and Coal Drops Yard. In fact, Bagley Walk was specifically the railway on which trains would deliver coal to Coal Drops Yard. King’s Cross is all interconnected when you look at it as a whole.

18. Explore St. Pancras International

What screams “London” more than Victorian architecture? St. Pancras station is one of the great staples of the area, having opened in the 19th century. 

Even just walking around the station can be a thrilling adventure; the towering glass ceiling above, the red brick walls, the many shops and options for grabbing a bite to eat. 

Forget about the classic grand malls. St. Pancras International is a hotspot for shopping, dining, culture and travel. For example, the Searcys St. Pancras Champagne Bar stands right above the station terminal, boasting an immense length of 98 meters!

Just sit down on the heated leather seats and order some champagne with literally the press of a button. 

19. Listen to Music at Lafayette


Into music gigs? Lafayette is one of the newest venues on the block, with a 600-visitors capacity! They’re trying to go as broad and as diverse as possible, hosting artists and bands from a variety of genres.

You can expect to see concerts lined up from Ashe, Jake Isaac, Frisco and others! Party nights are common too, with highly affordable tickets (priced around £15). 

The auditorium is split up in two floors, so the possible 600 people aren’t all crammed in the same never ending row. At the same time, Lafayette is part of the social space known as Goods Way (street food, a saloon bar and a speakeasy bar). 

A lot of fun, all in one place.

20. Don’t Miss Seasonal Events

Something’s always happening in King’s Cross. For example, from November 2021 to February 2022, there were 6 synthetic ice rinks set up for curling at Coal Drops Yard. It was focused around teams of four people; perfect for bringing along friends, a date, or going with family.

The entry ticket was also a mere £5, and completely free for children under 12 years old.

At the same time, Granary Square was also enriched with a geometric winter sculpture. “Temenos” was designed to represent an abstract grove of trees, a magical protective forest.

These are simply 2 examples from recent memory. Make sure to check out what’s going on in King’s Cross when you’re visiting so that you’re not missing out.

21. Admire The View From The Standard Hotel

In 2021, the 11th floor of The Standard Hotel was turned into a New York style rooftop bar. Besides just enjoying your beverage of choice, you’ll get an awesome panoramic view of King’s Cross. 

In fact, St. Pancras’s clock tower is right near the hotel. There’s literally no better view of it around that area. 

Leave Your Luggage With Us

That pretty much sums up the most interesting things to do in King’s Cross, London. When you’re out and about exploring, don’t burden yourself with your luggage. 

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