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The 13 Best Restaurants Near Victoria Station (London)

Historic Victoria Railway Station is one of the busiest places in the capital. Not only does it connect to a major transport hub, but its location is very central as well. 70MM+ locals and tourists alike pass through its gates year after year.

Another thing that makes it an important landmark is that it’s situated right in Victoria; one of London’s biggest and most frequented areas. The station was named after the area, which was named after Victoria Street, which of course was named after the Queen.

From Victoria Train Station, you can easily go straight to London Eye, Victoria Coach Station, Westminster Abbey and Palace, Buckingham Palace, London Underground, top-rated restaurants and other great attractions. 

If you’re looking for a few things to do in Victoria, London, grabbing a bite should be top of the list. There are so many options to choose from that it only comes down to your preference. 

However, when looking for restaurants near Victoria Station, make sure you won’t ruin the experience by carrying your bags with you.

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13 Great Places to Eat Near Victoria Station

London is one of the most diverse cities when it comes to cuisines. You can explore the foods of a variety of cultures from across the globe, or keep it more localised to Europe. 

For our list of Victoria Station restaurants, we’ve included places that are as close to the Train Station as possible. That way, you should be able to fit any of them (or even multiple!) in a tight schedule.

1. [British] The Stoke House

Let’s start off the list with something local. The Stoke House offers traditional steak dishes that you’re familiar with from around the country. 

Even though they source prime cuts from UK farmers (in the Devon area), you aren’t going to spend a huge sum on your dinner.

Usually, the price of a delicious meal goes for £25 or under! What’s more, all cuts are cooked exclusively on-site, coming from breeds that are known for their delicate and tender meat.

The cooking itself is done on the restaurant’s own blend of woods. Flavour is intensified, as the smoke works its way into the inner parts of the juicy meat. The result is a spectacular steak which you’re likely to remember for a long time.

Naturally, you have an assortment of sides to pick from as well. (Sweet) baked potatoes, roasted potatoes, mashed potatoes, a variety of salads; all covered by an exquisite sauce (if you so choose).

2. [French] Aster Restaurant

An elegant and refined space, Aster brings you dishes from just across the Channel. The menu is essentially a brasserie. In other words: simple, but hearty food. Think French onion soup, dill cured salmon, or lamb rump persillade. 

If you’re in Victoria with a few friends, go for a sharing plate. You can choose from either a fish board (cod, salmon, prawn cocktail, crudités) or a charcuterie board (salami, ham, rémoulade, red grapes mustard). 

Of course, both come with toasted bread.

There are also two dedicated spaces for private dining, where you can enjoy the special Saturday Brunch experience. It goes for £30 for two courses, or £35 for three courses. 

3. [South African] Bbar and Restaurant

Only a few minutes away from Victoria Station, Bbar is a unique blend of cuisines. You can find international dishes from across Europe, but they all have a strong South African influence. 

As a result, you’ll get foods that you’re accustomed with, but perhaps seasoned in an unexpected and surprising way. The restaurant presents itself as a mix of “safari chic with urban cool”. One of their most sought-after experiences is the afternoon tea specials.

Costing £30 per person, it’ll transport you to South Africa with Amarula-infused scones, Bunny Chows (chicken curry rolls) and the peri-peri chicken finger sandwiches. 

There are a lot of cakes and pastries too, such as the Victoria Sponge, carrot cake, lemon cheesecake, strawberry jam, etc.

4. [Japanese] Sticks’n’Sushi

Despite the name, you’ll find more than sushi at this restaurant. While the quality and freshness of the sushi is undeniable, you might want to try out the yakitori as well. Chicken, pork, beef, vegetables; all skewered up and cooked on the grill. 

For example, try out the “tsukune”. They’re skewered Japanese chicken meatballs, cooked on the grill and then finished in a salty and sweet teriyaki sauce. 

It’s a truly glistening dish; both thanks to the texture that the teriyaki gives, as well as the taste.

For the sushi side of things, there are the traditional maki and uramaki that you come to expect. Salmon with avocado, cream and lumpfish roe; tuna with cucumber, chilli, miso aioli and herbs. 

Of course, there’s a selection of nigiri sushi as well, such as salmon and tuna. As a delightful snack, try out the edamame beans. They’re a sort of soybean which many Japanese will eat as a sort of crisps while doing something else. 

Their lunch menu offer goes for £20 per person. First, you get a glass of wine, Asahi beer or soft drink, paired with warm, salted edamame and miso soup. Then, you select a main course consisting of both sushi and yakitori.

5. [Chinese] Ken Lo’s Memories of China

Having opened around 30 years ago, the restaurant has been a place of reference when discussing quality, authentic Chinese food. More than that, this is one of the best places to eat near Victoria Station thanks to its decor as well.

The interior is adorned with wood and fabrics in the classic Chinese style. It really builds the atmosphere and transports you to a faraway country for the duration of your stay there. 

Thanks to this, Ken Lo’s is a solid choice for any type of social gathering. You can go with your significant other, friends, or have a business lunch. 

All in all, you’re looking at spending around £40 for a three course meal. Think of spicy salt and pepper prawns, Sichuan chicken with peanut sauce, Cantonese beef in a black bean sauce. 

You could really say that Ken Lo’s is the “traditional” Chinese food experience most people would expect (in the mid to high tier range).

6. [Italian] TOZI Restaurant & Bar

Italian cuisine is a go-to selection for a lot of people, whether you’re searching for restaurants near Victoria Station or…anywhere else. There’s a good reason for it too: it’s delicious, plain and simple.

TOZI is a special place because of its focus on a Venetian cuisine concept called “cicchetti”. Basically, small plates. This way, you can order smaller portions of more things, instead of a big plate of a single thing.

Food diversity made simple! Additionally, the restaurant has a selection of Italian cocktails as well. Thanks to the menu being the same all-day and being “cicchetti”, it’s also easy to share dishes with friends. The place is very informal about it; even welcoming actually!

There are fritti to choose from, raw dishes (like beef carpaccio or tuna tartare), salads, pasta (obviously), and grilled & baked goods. 

For a full-course meal, you’d be looking at around £40 per person.

7. [Spanish] Ibérica Victoria

Looking for a Victoria Station pub? While this isn’t the typically associated British menu, we’re sure that you’ll be impressed nonetheless. 

Ibérica Victoria is a wonderful mix between A LOT of Spanish tapas and a wide selection of drinks from the downstairs bar. The place is perfect for a quick lunch or a few drinks while you’re waiting for your train. 

Besides, nibbling on tapas, artisan cheeses and cured meats isn’t all there is to the pub. For example, delight yourself with a chicken or seafood paella, a traditional Spanish dish. The pub uses the Valencian dry-style version (it has a fantastic crunchy base). 

And you know what else other places to eat near Victoria Station won’t have? Churros! Glorious pastries dunked in melted chocolate. All in all, £35 should be enough for you to have a complete, memorable experience.

8. [Thai] Mango Tree

Looking for a stylish oriental experience? Mango Tree is a very convenient place to grab a bite while waiting for your train or generally exploring Victoria. That’s thanks to its location: only 5 minutes away from both Victoria Station and Buckingham Palace!

Being right in the heart of London’s Belgravia, the restaurant is famed for its award-winning Thai cuisine. Not only that, but they also pride themselves with providing an incredibly welcoming experience.

After all, Thailand is known for its hospitality as well. Its reputation has also been reinforced by J. K. Rowling, calling it a downright “Thai institution” of Belgravia. 

Generally speaking, Mango Tree’s dishes are authentic to their origin, yet bring innovation of the highest quality. Tamarind duck, Pad Thai with king prawns, chicken green curry (obviously), and so much more.

All the staples of Thai cooking are right there for your choosing. What’s more, the staff have been lauded for going above and beyond in guaranteeing exquisite service to the restaurant’s clientele.

While the menu is really long (sharing plates, dim sum, soups, curries, stir-fries, grilled meats, deep frying, etc), something like £45 per person should give you the option of sampling a variety of delicacies.

9. [Lebanese] Noura Belgravia

Ready for some home cooking style dishes? Noura Belgravia is a family owned business that brings loving Middle Eastern cuisine right into London’s centre.

Naturally, the experience is best started off with an imposingly large selection of cold and hot mezze platters (~20 options from each). Classic hummus, spicy fried lamb sausages, pies, falafel, grilled halloumi, spicy potatoes, etc. 

After that, you can move to a main course such as the Lahm Meshwi (marinated and charcoal grilled lamb cubes) or a mixed grill of three skewers. There are vegetarian options too! 

For example, the vegetarian menu goes for £38, while the “standard” one is £36 per person. Each gives you the option of picking 8 mezze platters, followed by a main course, a desert, and coffee (excluded from the vegetarian menu)!

This is one of those Victoria Station restaurants that make you just feel at home. It’s perfect for going with a loved one, with friends, or even a relaxed business lunch. 

How to Improve Your London Experience

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10. [Indian] The Curry Room

Coming up the price range to an exclusive experience, we have The Curry Room. Being part of The Rubens, it has a unique blend of Indian flavours with a touch of African spices. 

If you’re looking for a deluxe experience, you’ve found it. All condiments are exclusively imported from india; the interior is superbly decorated with rich, red, Rajasthani hand embroidery; your chosen dishes will be accompanied by a hand-picked wine that complements the flavours.

The restaurant is also a great pick if you’re certain that you want to spend a fixed amount on food. The only option is a £75 complete menu

You get a starter (keema samosa, lime pickle, mango chutney, etc), a main course (like the sublime, velvety and buttery smooth Butter Chicken), and a dessert (for example: saffron poached comice pear).

While it doesn’t have as many reviews as other places, the ones that do exist are exceptionally positive. A single look at the menu might give away as to why that is. It’s authentic, diverse enough, and inviting even to a “beginner” to Indian cuisine.

3 Great Victoria Station Pubs (Surrounding Area)

1. The Jugged Hare

In search of a gastro pub that serves game? The Jugged Hare is open 7 days a week, priding itself with the use of British ingredients. If you happen to visit on a Sunday, remember they also do the traditional Sunday Roast. Make sure not to miss it!

Their most famous dish is very on the nose too; a jugged hare. However, note that their menu does depend on it being game season. 

Spit-roast wild meats, shellfish, wild fish; the pub promises to be an experience unlike many others you could have. The famous jugged hare itself is served with creamy mashed potatoes, bacon, and Savoy cabbage. Every Friday, they also roast an entire suckling pig on the rotisserie!

For starters, you could choose the shoulder of an iron-page pig: a side of leeks, a pig’s head terrine, seeded mustard relish, and that’s not even all. It’s better if you just go ahead and try it yourself.

All in all, for a full-course meal with a beer, cider (draught, cask, cans, bottled) or wine, you’d be looking at £52 tops.

2. The Queen’s Arms

While not exactly near the Train Station (it’s in Kensington), The Queen’s Arms is what you’d call a “hidden gem”. The term’s a bit stereotypical at this point, yet the decorum, ambiance, and even the exterior of the pub reinforces the notion.

It’s small enough to be cosy and intimate, but big enough to fit even groups of 20 people. Depending on your timetable in Victoria, you can go to the pub for a laid back lunch, a relaxed dinner, or nibble on some brunch before attending to other matters.

Since it’s a pub, the choice of alcohol is large and varied. Craft beers, cask ales, refined wines or artisan (yet quite powerful) spirits. 

There are snacks on offer such as scotch eggs, cheese & gravy chips, Korean fried chicken bites, halloumi fries, etc. For a main course, you could choose a free-range pork cutlet, or a half-roast chicken; or how about a prime steak, juicy burger (with smoked Cheddar and a toasted brioche bun)?

A nice beverage, some snacks and a main course could cost around £33.

3. CASK Pub & Kitchen

Are you a true beer enthusiast? If yes, then this is a must-see destination for you. Having opened back in 2009, the pub aims to combine British hospitality with outstanding beers, wines and spirits.

To top it all off, the pub’s kitchen produces simple, but very well-cooked dishes. They combine and complement the aromas of the alcohol splendidly, offering an experience that delights the senses. 

One of the best things about CASK is that it encourages walk-ins! If you’re reading about the pub while already in Victoria, just go pay them a visit yourself. Table reservations are completely optional, and the pub’s open the entire week too. 

They have no fewer than 10 cask ales, 15 keg lines of UK and international beers, and 300+ (!) bottles to choose from. 

The staff are also ready to assist you in finding the right beer just for you. Wines and spirits are available if you’re not too much into beers though.

Lastly, if you’re feeling peckish, there are 7 burgers to enjoy, or you could simply snack on some of the available sides. 

You can either go with a 80% rump, 20% flan Scottish beef patty, or a Yorkshire herb fed chicken breast. A multitude of toppings and other ingredients are available in both cases. 

One side that could especially intrigue you are house chips covered in parmesan cheese and truffle oil! For some full wining & dining, expect roughly £20.

Other Things To Do In Victoria, London

If you’ve already had your fill at one of Victoria’s great restaurants, there are many tourist attractions to see. 

1. Visit Buckingham Palace

History, prestige, grandeur. Whether you want a quick selfie in front of the Royal Family’s main residence, or would like to visit the impressive State Rooms, you’re in for a treat. 

Taking the picture is easy enough. There’s no fee, no queue. You just snap and you’re done. Maybe you just want to imagine the Queen having afternoon tea inside. That’s fair. 

However, if you actually want to go in, then you’ll want to join the State Rooms tour. They’re available in both summer and winter, but in October – May there won’t be as many. Don’t worry though, as the Palace’s website has all the information you need.

Alternatively, you can walk along the Royal Mews, admire The Queen’s Gallery, or explore Clarence House (available only in August). The iconic Changing of The Guard happens on set days each month, at roughly a quarter past 11.

2. Explore Westminster Abbey’s Chapter House

A few hundred visitors come to the meeting place of Benedictine monks each year. Right in the heart of one of the world’s most impressive cathedrals, the chapter house has the last surviving Anglo-Saxon door in England.

The house was built in 1250, having served as a meeting place for a lot of London’s prestigious and influential figures throughout the ages. Even the King’s Great Council and the Commons (the “ancestors” of Parliament) would visit the Chapter House. 

It was renovated in Queen Victoria’s time, and is now adorned with art and sculptures that reflect the building’s historical importance. The stained glass windows are also something else to behold firsthand.

3. Stroll Through Trafalgar Square

The focal point of Trafalgar is definitely Nelson’s Column. Bustling and iconic, the place sees millions of locals and travellers pass through it each year. A whole lot of events happen here; for instance:  St. Patrick’s, the Chinese New Year and Eid al-Fitr.

Similarly, the Square is a gateway to some of London’s most appreciated attractions:

  • Somerset House – venue for cultural and creative events.
  • St. James’s Park – one of the oldest royal parks, home of the Blue Bridge and Duck Island.
  • The National Portrait Gallery – 200,000+ portraits of British people.
  • The Household Cavalry Museum – military history one of the most honoured cavalry regiments.
  • London Eye – world’s largest observation wheel, offering astonishing and unparalleled vistas of London (up to 40km of the city depending on the weather).
  • Elizabeth Tower & Big Ben – the imposing clock tower and its resounding bell.
  • Westminster Palace – the true “capital” of British democracy, ever since the time of the Anglo-Saxons.

As you can imagine, it’s all about your timetable. You’re not at any risk of running out of places to see and visit.

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