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Put These 53 Best Things To Do In London On Your Shortlist

Put These 53 Best Things To Do In London On Your Shortlist

London is one of the world’s most thriving capitals. Diverse cultures, events, food, activities, landmarks, tourist attractions. There’s just so much to do when you visit. 

As a tourist, you can easily get lost in endless planning and checklists.  

Here’s the simple truth of it though: you won’t have time to see everything worth experiencing in London. It’s just not possible, even if you were to stay for 2 weeks. 

So, instead, you should focus on the best places to visit in London. And that’s where we come in. After coming up with a long list of our own, we’ve narrowed it down to 53 activities in London that are especially worth your time.

Thing is, since there are still a lot of things to do in London left on the list, you’ll have to triage for yourself a bit. What’s “the best activity” for someone, won’t be the same for another. 

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The 53 Best Things To Do In London

There’s almost an abundance of things to see in London. We’re talking parks, restaurants, social clubs, statues, fountains, theatres, art, (live) music, pubs, palaces, waterways,  iconic landmarks, etc.

And before you ask: yes, there are a lot of great free things to do in London too!

Despite being one of Europe’s core touristic cities (it was the most visited European city in 2019), London can still be friendly on a budget. It all depends on what you’re looking to do.

So, to help you with that decision, we’ve segmented the attractions into the categories you can see in the Table of Contents. Simply scroll up a tiny bit.

Without further ado, let’s get into our activities in London list.

Fun Thing To Do In London – Parks

1. Gasholder Park

With a cast iron frame that points towards the sky, the park “greets” hundreds of people daily. Tourists, students, families, office workers going to their jobs. 

The name of the park is actually very literal. That same cast iron frame, the iconic part of the park, was originally on the other side of the canal. And, you guessed it, it used to hold gas.

1 million cubic feet of gas (!), to be precise. 

When that was no longer needed though, extensive relocation and renovation efforts were put into making the park what it is today. 

2. Camley Street Natural Park

Many Londoners like to spend their time in this location because it’s a true nature sanctuary. Even though it’s pretty much in the heart of King’s Cross, Camley Street Natural Park feels hidden away from the urban jungle.

One aspect that really helps it achieve this sense of solitude and calmness is its reasonably large size; no less than 2 acres! The park can successfully make even London feel quiet.

Well, 90% of the time. If your hearing is really good, you might be able to tell when trains are coming and going from the nearby station.

Still, the park is short of a forest only in name. Regent’s Canal passes through as well, so there’s a biome diversity to admire (woodland, wetland, and grassland). Nature trails are available too. 

If you’re feeling peckish, Kingfisher is an outdoor cafe that you’ll find right in the park.

3. Hyde Park

All right, we called Camley Street large. But, let’s take it to the next level. Hyde Park is 350 acres wide! For people visiting the Paddington area, it can be the only place they spend their time.

There’s an impressive variety of things to do in London gathered just in Hyde Park. 

For example, the centre of the park is the home of the Diana Memorial Fountain. Built in honour of the Princess of Wales, the fountain’s water starts at a high point and goes down in two directions.

The water eventually comes to a tranquil pool at the bottom, where you might find swans during warm weather. They’re accustomed to people by now, so you can easily enjoy their presence.

The memorial also sports 3 bridges towards the heart of the fountain. 

You’re even welcome to dip your feet in the memorial’s water for a refreshing sensation.

The second set of fountains will be found in the Italian Gardens (still inside Hyde Park). The story is that the gardens were gifted to Queen Victoria in the 1860s. 

Regardless of truth or myth, it’s a serene place, surrounded by roses and splashing spectacles.

4. Kensington Gardens

You’ve probably heard of London’s royal parks. We actually covered one already (Hyde). Initially, they were all mostly hunting grounds of the royal family. 

While still officially owned by the crown, they’re managed by the “The Royal Parks Limited” charity organisation.

In total, we’re talking about roughly 5000 acres of green open spaces. 

Besides being tourist hotspots, they also act as a conservation effort for wildlife, grounds for group sports, and educational activities. 

The Kensington Gardens are where the new meets the old. For example, you have Kensington Palace. It’s currently the residence of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Cornwall. 

However, areas of it are publicly accessible (such as the King’s & Queen’s State Apartments). You also shouldn’t miss a recreation of Queen Victoria’s childhood rooms.

On the other hand, there are also newer attractions, such as the Serpentine Galleries. If you’re a contemporary art lover, this is one place you should check out. 

In London with your young ones? Over 1MM visitors enjoy the Diana Memorial Playground yearly. The centrepiece is a wood pirate ship. 

Before leaving Kensington, take a look at Peter Pan’s statue too. With its dedicated smartphone feature (part of the “Talking Statues” experience), you could even exchange a few words with Peter. 

Just swipe your phone along the statue’s plaque and get a call from him!

5. Richmond Park

Ever thought you’ll see some deer while in London? Well, you just might!

Richmond park is a wide open space; packed with grasslands and deer herds. Additionally, it also has old trees, multiple species of rare birds & bats, different beetles, wildflowers and fungi.

If you’d rather do something specific than just stroll through and admire nature, you can try your hand at golf. Horse riding and off-road cycling are available as well.

For the most adventurous of you, the park offers power kiting too. Lastly, if you’re looking for a relaxing afternoon tea location, try out Pembroke Lodge’s tea rooms.

6. Bushy Park

London’s second biggest royal park is a splendid mix of waterways, gardens, and even more deer than in Richmond! You’re likely to spot both red deer, and fallow deer.

Beside those attractions, Bushy Park is a historic place in England too. You can find the remains of farming systems from the Middle Ages, the aforementioned Tudor peer park (from the 17 the century), and even military camps from the World Wars.

However, the most defining feature of the park is the Longford River. A twelve-mile canal that’s teeming with a variety of plants and animals.

7. St. James’s Park

St. James’s is an easy park to add on your list, because it’s around Buckingham Palace and Clarence House; 2 landmarks you’ll probably want to visit. 

In fact, the park’s famous for the flower beds that sit in front of the palace. 

Two well-known events (among others) are directly associated with this royal park: the Horse Guard Parade and Trooping the Colour. Special events connected to the King’s birthday.

8. The Green Park

This one’s a park surrounded by an entertaining rumour. Throughout the premises, you’ll spot the glaring absence of formal, well-kept flowers. 

As the story goes, King Charles the Second’s wife caught him picking flowers from Green Park for another woman. So, since the 17th century, flower beds were forbidden by the Queen’s directive.

However, you can still see wildflowers around the park; especially vibrant yellow daffodils. 

The park also sports fountains, statues, memorials, and it’s an overall quiet retreat; away from the buzz and noise of London’s high-speed life.

9. Regent’s Park

A favourite of many visitors, Regent’s Park has something for everyone. There are large, green, open spaces. There are pathways surrounded by trees. Maybe you’d prefer a formal garden?

If you need a kid-friendly place, know that Regent’s park has no fewer than 4 playgrounds. Children are bound to have a great time.

Regent’s Park is where you’ll find the London Zoo too. Being one of the most impressive, well-kept, and varied zoos in the world, you’re in for a treat.

Expect to find animals from all across the globe, with exhibits to match.

Alternatively, you can explore the park’s wetlands. There are around 100 species of wild birds on the grounds. Hedgehogs are rapidly becoming a common sight as well.

For the art-savvy out there: you should visit the Open Air Theatre.

10. Greenwich Park

Among the places to visit in London, who could forget the home of the Greenwich Mean Time? One thing to do here is explore the many available gardens. All of them are tranquil and serene.

For example, The Rose Garden peaks with flowering during the middle of summer. With shades of abundant red, rose, peach and pink, you’ll be surrounded by a sea of bright colours.

Close by, you’ll find The Flower Garden. If you’re a lover of roses, this should be more up your alley.

Or perhaps you’re simply looking for some neatly arranged shrubbery? The Herb Garden is made from hedges cut and arranged into ornate patterns.

In the middle of everything, there’s a central fountain. You’ll find culinary herbs all over the place.

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Best Things To Do In London – Landmarks

11. Buckingham Palace

What type of days out in London wouldn’t include visiting Buckingham Palace? So much history, royal prestige; a true reminder of British achievements and advancements. 

You could simply take a selfie in front of the palace and call it a day. Or, sign up to visit the State Rooms. To be clear, you can take a photo of the State Rooms just fine free of charge.

But, to actually go in, you need the special tour. It’s available year-round, but there are fewer occasions between October and May. 

After you’re satisfied with the inside of the palace, stick around for a while more. You can explore the Royal Mews, take in the King’s Gallery, or visit Clarence House (only in August though). 

Of course, let’s not forget the main event. 


The Changing of The Guard happens monthly, on set days, at approximately 11:15AM. You should check the Palace’s website for all updated information. 

12. Westminster Abbey’s Chapter House

You probably know of the cathedral itself. This is actually a smaller building; a meeting place for Benedictine monks. Only a few hundred visitors come to explore it each year.

Back in the 1200s, it used to be the central hub for London’s elites. 

You can imagine a whole suite of powerful, influential, and historically important individuals meeting here when needed. Even the Great Council of the King would attend. The Commons (predecessors of the Parliament) would be usually sighted here too. 

While it was renovated under Queen Victoria, the chapter house still has the only surviving Anglo-Saxon door in England. 

The stained glass, sculptures and other art that adorns the walls are worth seeing first-hand too.

13. Trafalgar Square

Few places in the world see as much yearly foot traffic as Trafalgar Square. Under the watchful eyes of Vice-Admiral Horatio Nelson, millions of locals and tourists alike cross through the square.

Speaking of the Vice-Admiral, his ~52m high column is the central point of the plaza. Imposing and iconic, it commemorates the British Royal Navy’s victory over the French & Spanish fleets.

If you’re passionate about the Napoleonic Wars, this is one attraction you’ll want to take a picture at. Even the place itself is named after the Battle of Trafalgar, a pivotal point of the War of The Third Coalition. 

At the same time, Trafalgar Square leads to other important landmarks, such as: Somerset House, London Eye, Elizabeth Tower & Big Ben, Westminster Palace.

14. St. Pancras International

Victorian architecture is appreciated far and wide, and lauded as one of London’s biggest cultural symbols. St. Pancras station opened back in the 19th, being a prime example of the style.

Its red brick walls give that classic European city feeling, while the glass ceiling is an impressive modern achievement. Even awe-inspiring. 

All along the station, you can find many shops and places to either grab a quick bite, or sit down for a fancy dining experience. 

15. The Bagley Walk

We’ve covered Gasholder Park and Camley Street, but there’s actually a secret between them. Built on top of a former old railway viaduct, this elevated pass is a hidden attraction.

Following along Regent’s Canal, The Bagley Walk has an abundance of benches and greenery (mostly bushes and wild plants) on both sides. 

From atop the Walk, you can see all around King’s Cross and easily pinpoint the next place you want to visit. For example, you’ll clearly see all around Coal Drops Yard.

Initially a place for coal storage (that’s what old trains would deliver atop the old railway), Coal Drops Yard is now a fully-fledged shopping complex. 

16. Granary Square Fountains

1080 jets of water, anyone? It’s rare to find someone who doesn’t admire a spectacular display of lit up fountains. Actually, each jet in particular can be controlled individually.

That’s one of the reasons why the Granary Square Fountains are a favourite of many King’s Cross locals, as well as tourists. 

While the fountains are on all day, light shows happen only after sundown. So, we advise you reserve this spot for later in the evenings, as it’s a shame to miss it in its full glory. Alternatively, if you’re arriving very early in London, go there very fast.

As the fog rises above the water during dawn, it gets coloured up by the fountain lights and starts looking like an iridescent bubble. 

17. Westminster Palace

Now, who can miss going inside the home of Parliament while in London? Being the meeting spot of both the House of Lords and the House of Commons, Westminster Palace has been the official seat of Britain’s rulers since 1532. 

While the most popular side of the palace is Elizabeth Tower and the iconic Big Ben, there’s more to admire here. The entire architecture is actually a mish-mash of multiple styles.

Most of it is neo-gothic, with plenty of arches, buttresses, and other towers. 

All in all, Westminster Palace has over 1,000 rooms and 11 courtyards! There are also no fewer than 6 restaurants, while visitors can enjoy the cafeteria. 

Speaking of visiting, you can take a guided tour of the buildings, or silently observe political debates. On Wednesdays at noon, you can also catch the Prime Minister answering questions.

18. Westminster Abbey

One Of the UK’s most important religious sites, Westminster Abbey is the traditional choice for crowning British monarchs. The practice dates back as far as 1066. 

As many of you already know, the first King of England to be crowned there was none other than William the Conqueror; also the ruler of the Duchy of Normandy (on the northwestern coast of France). 

Born as the bastard son of the Duke of Normandy, William would go on to conquer the English crown and unify the Norman culture with that of the Anglo-Saxons. 

As a result, most following Dukes of Normandy were also the King of England. 

William was also a descendant of Rollo; a Viking raider who actually became the first ruler of Normandy. So, in a way, the Norsemen eventually did capture England. 

And this is just one story connected to Westminster Abbey. 

It has also ordained 16 royal weddings, is the burial site of over 3,300 people with significance (mostly) to British history, holds daily services, and is a World Heritage Site. 

To visit, you can book a ticket on the abbey’s website. Usual hours are 9:30AM to mid-afternoon.

19. The Paddington Bear

Perhaps Paddington’s biggest attraction, The Paddington Bear is a beloved children’s tale (and book). The book’s actually published in over 40 languages worldwide. 

In the Paddington Train Station, you can find a bronze statue of the peruvian bear; his suitcase and hat being close by. There’s no marmalade jar for him, but feel free to bring your own sandwich. He’d surely approve of it.

After you’ve taken a selfie with the bear on Platform 1 (just under the clock), head to the Paddington Bear Shop. Gifts, souvenirs, homeware, clothing, books and more are on offer.

Of course, you can also buy his 2 iconic items: the hat and the suitcase.

20. Little Venice

Ever dreamt of going to Venice and exploring the canals? Well, London’s got its own similar experience. While there are no gondolas, an abundance of beautiful waterways can be found.

Head north from Paddington, and you’ll find where Regent’s Canal and Grand Union meet. That’s Little Venice. 

Usually, it isn’t very crowded. In fact, you might find it to be a quiet and relaxing retreat. There are plenty of cafes, pubs and restaurants along the canals too. 

If you’re just looking for a tranquil boat ride, you’re in the perfect spot. You’ll find both shorter and longer journeys along the waterways, depending on your preferences.

21. Camden Town & Market

One of London’s most popular neighbourhoods for tourists, Camden is eclectic and focused on alternative culture. It strives to break away from the mainstream and establish its own subculture.

You should meet at least a few goths, rockabillies, or punks (the ideology and fashion style). Camden is also a go-to destination if you want a tattoo, piercing, or some other sort of body modification. 

Camden is also the home of the Camden Market. In reality, the “market” is actually a number of adjoined large retail shops. 

Among the stalls of the market, you’ll find clothes, crafts & bric-a-brac, fast food, and other cosmopolitan items. 

Remember that Camden Market will probably be pretty crowded though. It’s one of London’s main attractions.

22. London Eye

No need to introduce the giant ferris wheel. If you want a one-of-a-kind view of London, make sure you put London Eye on your list.

You can also choose a private pod for you and your partner. Otherwise, others will likely be in the cabin with you too; they’re pretty spacious. 

London Aquarium is also nearby; it’s just as impressive as the zoo. There’s aquatic life from all over the world. An experience you won’t want to miss!

23. Platform 9¾

You either already know what this is, or it won’t be worth visiting for you. 

But, just in case you’re a Harry Potter fan and forgot, the platform is located in King’s Cross station. 

While you won’t be passing through the wall, there’s a plaque to photograph. However, a half-embedded luggage trolley is already there for your “magical” snapshots. 

Since you’re there anyway, you might as well pay for the professional of the photo. They’ll give you a House scarf too! You can choose which one, of course.

The official Harry Potter shop is a stone’s throw away from the platform. Yes, you’ll find whatever you’re thinking of: wands, jumpers, games, etc. 

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Places To Visit In London – Shopping

24. Oxford Street

Let’s start from the top. Oxford Street is in the top 3 most visited shopping streets in all of Europe! You’ll be hard pressed to find busier spots. 

Now, that might sound off-putting, but it should be quite the opposite.

The more people want to shop in an area, the greater the variety and quality of products. Makes sense, right? There are roughly 300 shops to choose, whom you’ll share with tens of thousands of other tourists and locals. 

Department stores, designer stores, clothes, jewellery, shoes, sunglasses, coats, watches, wallets, phones, etc. They’re all here.

25. Piccadilly Circus

World-famous for its instantly recognizable billboards, Piccadilly Circus is essentially London’s Times Square. Or, the other way around. 

Regardless, it’s filled with bedazzling lights, bright screens, and an abundance of shops for you to peruse. Piccadilly isn’t one of London’s biggest commercial hubs for nothing after all.

Its history actually dates back to the 17th century. Today, it’s the beating heart of the West End. 

Nightclubs and theatres are also a big attraction in Piccadilly. The area hosts some of London’s biggest such venues.

In the centre, you’ll find the Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain. Most people use its misnomer though, The Statue of Eros. In fact, it commemorates the 7th earl of Shaftesbury, a Victorian era philanthropist and politician. He’s the one who replaced child labour with school education!

26. Soho

If you’re a big lover of nightlife and adventure, this is the area for you. There are jazz bars and cafes around too. 

If you’re visiting during the day, you should check out the bakeries and music shops. Get some delicious pastries first, then see if you don’t want a musical souvenir. 

27. Coal Drops Yard

Coal Drops Yard is easy to include on your list because it’s right between other fun things to do in London. You can plan a route around the shopping complex and always circle back to it.

Besides shopping, you can also enjoy dining experiences. 

Coal Drops Yard has a very special feeling to it thanks to its cobbled streets and brick walkways. It blends them very well with modern glass walls and other contemporary architecture.

Overall, there are a bit over 50 shops, each one looking to offer ethically produced and sourced products. Bigger brands, smaller stores, local craftspeople; they’re all here. 

28. Bayswater

Bayswater has become an important landmark in Paddington. It’s chock full of souvenirs, cafes, and restaurants. Whether you want international chains or independent shops, you’ll find them here. 

Bayswater is also close to the Queensway tube, giving you easy access to the London Underground.

Fun Things To Do In London – Restaurants

29. The Stoke House (British)

  • Price range: £25 or under per person

In order to explore all the things to see in London, you’ll need a hearty meal to keep you going. The Stoke House has prime cut steaks sourced from the Devon area. 

Everything’s cooked on premises, using the restaurant’s own blend of woods. The fire confers all of its special smoky flavours, making the meat rich in flavour, tender, and seriously juicy. 

For the side dish, we recommend (sweet) baked potatoes, or roasted potatoes. Definitely opt to cover them with one of Stoke House’s special sauces! 

30. Sticks’n’Sushi (Japanese)

  • Price range: £20 per person (lunch menu)

Aside from their spectacular & fresh sushi, the yakitori is a crowd favourite too (chicken, beef, pork, or vegetables). For example, “tsukune” are Japanese meatballs on a skewer.

They’re grilled, and then finished in a sweet & salty Teriyaki sauce. It’s also flavoured with garlic and ginger. Teriyaki is what gives that “shiny” look to a lot of Japanese dishes.

For the sushi, you’ll find everything you’re expecting (salmon, tuna, shrimp), except unagi (freshwater eel). Nigiri, maki, uramaki, edamame beans (immature soybeans), tamago, etc.  They also serve wagyu beef if you want to try it!

31. TOZI Restaurant & Bar (Italian)

  • Price range: £40 per person (full-course)

TOZI puts a spin on Italian cuisine by focusing on a Venetian specialty called “cicchetti”. In other words, small plates. So, you can order just smaller bits of lots of food.

Simple way of trying out a larger portion of the menu! 

There’s a wide variety of Italian cocktails too. A perfect solution to mixing and matching delightful flavours. Additionally the cicchetti approach also makes it simple to share with friends. 

Cicchetti are a lot like sharing platters in that way, and the restaurant actively encourages you to share the dishes. Popular options include fritti, tuna tartare, beef carpaccio, pasta (duh!), and grilled & baked goods.

32. Aster Restaurant (French)

  • Price range: £30 per person (two courses)

Aster brings the essence of French cuisine. It’s a brasserie; basically, simple but hearty meals. For example, dill cured salmon and the classic onion soup. 

On Saturdays, they have a special brunch experience. Alternatively, choose a charcuterie board (ham, salami, rémoulade, grape mustard)  or a fish board (salmon, crudités, cod, prawn cocktail).

There’s toasted bread offered for both.

33. Ken Lo’s Memories of China (Chinese)

  • Price range: £40 per person (three courses)

Ken Lo’s has been a staple for places to visit in London for a long time. Going back around 30 years, it’s become synonymous with quality Chinese food. 

Another great aspect that elevates it is the decorum. The traditional Chinese fabrics and wood elements give it a special atmosphere. It’s not just great food, it’s the complete experience package.

Ken Lo’s could be described as what you’d “normally expect” when you’re craving Chinese food. Sichuan chicken, Cantonese beef, salt & pepper prawns, etc.

It’s also a perfect choice if you’re searching for a business lunch.

34. The Curry Room (Indian) 

  • Price range: £75 per person (complete menu)

If you’re looking for a high experience for your days out in London, this restaurant should be on your list. It’s pricey, sure, but that’s because it’s exclusive. 

For example, your food comes accompanied by a handpicked wine that will match the flavours. Even the spices are all imported from India (plus there’s also a touch of African condiments in there). 

Expect authentic curries (like the delightful Butter Chicken), keema samosas, mango chutney, saffron poached comice pears, and other traditional dishes.

35. Mango Tree (Thai)


  • Price range: £45 per person

Some of the best things to do in London is to try out new foods. Mango Tree is just 5 minutes away from Buckingham Palace, so you should place it on your list. 

It’s a stylish oriental restaurant, famed for its Thai cuisine (for which it also earned awards). 

The menu is very big, so choice isn’t a problem (from stir-fry, to dim sum, soups, deep fry, etc). You could of course just go for staple dishes such as tamarind duck, Pad Thai or green curry.

Mango Tree’s staff have also been lauded in many reviews for being extremely welcoming. You should have a very pleasant experience at the restaurant! 

36. Edgware Road (Middle Eastern + Arab)

This isn’t a restaurant. It’s a street in London. However, it’s known as “Little Beirut” because it’s essentially a cultural enclave. 

You’re going to find a plethora of flavours, spices, dishes and scents from the Middle East and Arabia. Basically, this is the place to look for an authentic restaurant from those areas.

There’s also an abundance of shisha (hookah) dens if that’s more up your alley.

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Best Things To Do In London – Pubs

37. Ibérica Victoria

Let’s start with something unexpected. London has more than just British pubs! Ibérica is bound to provide you with an experience you wouldn’t expect. 

Its main gist is that it combines many (really many) Spanish tapas with a variety of drinks from its downstairs bar. You have a ton of options for nibbling, tasting, or a full-on lunch.

So take a break from other activities in London, and snack on some cured meats, artisan cheeses, and of course, a seafood (or chicken) paella.

The paella uses a special Valencian dry-style, making the base crunchier. You should try it!

38. The Queen’s Arms

Small enough to feel cosy, yet large enough to fit a group of 20 people. You can go for a calm & relaxing lunch, or a refreshing dinner after a day of exploring all of the fun things to do in London.

Since it’s a pub, the range of alcoholic drinks is especially impressive. Cask ales, craft beers, powerful spirits, and even fine wines.

Choose delicious main courses such as a prime steak, pork cutlet, half-roast chicken or a juicy burger. Or, keep it more casual with cheese & gravy chips, scotch eggs, or fried chicken bites.

39. The Jugged Hare

Have you ever had game meat before? This is your perfect chance. The Jugged Hare’s gourmet comfort food will leave you with a longing feeling even weeks after you’ve left London.

It’s truly one of the gastropubs you simply have to eat at. 

Their staple dish, the jugged hare, depends on it being rabbit season. The pub serves only fresh and ethically sourced meats. However, there’s always a wide selection of dishes to choose from.

Every Friday, an entire suckling pig is cooked on the rotisserie! For Sundays, they make the traditional British Sunday Roast. You can also choose from foods such as an iron-page pig’s shoulder, creamy mashed potatoes, Savoy cabbage, pig head terrine, and other delicacies. 

40. Little Creatures

Passionate about craft beers? This Australian-inspired pub offers drinks and food that will be right up your alley. Aside from the usual hop-based beers, they also serve limited special editions.

And you know what goes great with a cold, refreshing beer? Pizza, burgers, or a sharing platter. All of which you’ll also find here.

41. The Prince Alfred

Wooden interior and a high ceiling sets this pub apart from others in London. Having opened in 1831, it’s had almost 200 years to refine its menu! 

You’ll find classic British dishes, draughts, bottled lagers, cask ales and fine wines. If you’re feeling traditional, choose their fish & chips. They really know how to make it!

A burger or a pie would be solid choices too.

42. BrewDog

Iconic in the Paddington area, BrewDog is only a step away from the tube station. The pub will be on your way if you’re visiting Hyde Park too. We recommend the Punk IPA!

If you’re in London on Wednesdays, try them out. That’s when they have their special unlimited wings offer (for £12)!

43. CASK Pub & Kitchen

CASK is great if you’re in Victoria because they actively encourage walk-ins. Their cooking style is simple, well-cooked dishes, paired with British hospitality. 

There are 7 burgers to choose from. Pick either a 80% rump, 20% flan Scottish beef patty, or a herb fed Yorkshire chicken patty. 

Pair your burger with a cask ale (10 options), keg beer (15 lines available), or a good old bottled beer (300+ options!). 

44. London Shell Company

Not looking for burgers, wings, or just fish & chips. London Shell Co. explores the wider tradition of seafood across Great Britain. They’re even based on a barge on Regent’s Canal.

So, make sure to savour their food if you’re in the area. 

Maybe you’d like smoked haddock. Or perhaps fresh scallops? Devon oysters? All of their fish and other seafood is freshly caught, and quickly made into fine dining.

Once all of the barge’s seats are taken, it follows a route towards Regent’s Park. Some days though, the barge is permanently anchored. Their website will have all the details.

Bonus: Other Free Things To Do In London

Besides some of the tourist attractions we’ve described so far, here are 9 other free places to visit in London:

45. The Paddington Basin Bridges

While you’re in Little Venice, don’t miss out on two of London’s more interesting landmarks. Across the Paddington Basin, you’ll find the Rolling Bridge and the Fan Bridge.

The Rolling Bridge pretty much “curls” while raising to let boats pass. It does so thanks to its unique hexagonal pattern. 

On the other hand, the Fan Bridge uses its five steel beams structure to open and close just like a hand-held paper fan. 

You can see them operational on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. 2pm for Saturday, and around noon for the other days.

46. The Temple of Mithras

London’s Mithraeum was discovered in 1954 during a building’s construction. It’s not really surprising, since the Romans spent quite a while in Britain, but it’s fascinating nonetheless.

Mithras was considered to be the god of a mystery religion in imperial Rome. While believed to be inspired by Persian Zoroastrianism, Mithraism differs in both practice and the imagery of its god. 

The cultists of Mithras had to go through 7 initiation grades. They called themselves “syndexioi”, which translates to “those united by the handshake”. 

Continuing this communal sense, cultists also shared ritual common meals and met in underground temples (Mithraeum). 

Mithras was also depicted as sharing a banquet with Sol (Invictus), the Roman god of the sun. Sol was also considered the personal deity of one of Rome’s saviours and reformists in the 3rd century AD, Emperor Aurelian.

47.  The British Museum

There are lots of free museums in London, but this one takes the cake. With its unrivalled quantity of art, artefacts, curios and other items of historical significance, The British Museum is a true educational experience.

48. The Barbican Conservatory

If you’re around the giant Barbican complex, make sure to check out these hidden botanical gardens. 

Being London’s second biggest conservatory, it’ll help you get lost in a green sea of tranquillity and calmness.  

What makes this botanical garden unique is that the Barbican complex is based on brutalist architecture. Basically, buildings that are made of slabs of concrete in simple square or rectangle shapes.

They’re definitely practical. Beauty-wise though, it’s in the eye of the beholder. Some find them oddly pleasant to look at, others outright hate them.

Regardless, the Barbican Conservatory blends lush vegetation and sprawling nature with the brutalist construction. That’s what makes it interesting.

49. God’s Own Junkyard

If you simply can’t get enough of admiring neon signs, this is the place you have to be. God’s Own Junkyard is a warehouse filled with neon fantasies.

Old movie props, reclaimed signs, retro displays, neon art, fairground & circus lightning, led products, cold cathode products. It’s all here. You can spend hours just taking photos.

This is the creation of Chris Bracey, known as the “Neon Man” for 35+ years. His life’s mission is acquiring all kinds of unique, interesting, and pop-culture-important neon items. He then repairs them back to their full glory if needed. 

Even in the darkest of nights, this place’s vibrant colours would shine through. 

50. The Public Galleries

We all have our feelings about what goes on in the Houses of Parliament, but the art within is unquestionably beautiful. If you want to admire the paintings and the statues for yourself, it’s free of charge! 

51. The Chapel of St. Peter & Paul

Some church buildings are worth visiting because of the sheer amount of work that went into them. 

This chapel was where the Tudors would go to for worship, and it shows. It has a marble floor, a carved ceiling, and a highly imposing central art piece. Everything’s very 18th century.

52. The Petrie Museum

Interested in Egyptian or Sudanese artefacts? Then this museum is the right one for you. They focus exclusively on archaeology from those parts of the world.

The collections on display are mighty impressive too. On top of that, few people actually know about the location, so it shouldn’t be crowded. 

Yes, there’s a mummy on display too. 

53. House of Minalima

Here’s one for the Harry Potter fans. The two lead graphic designers of the HP movies made this cool house. All over, you can find posters and other design elements straight from the movies.

If you’d like to spend a few pounds on memorabilia, there’s a shop on the premises. 

Planning To Visit a Specific Area?

We’ve written guides for specific parts of London too. Make sure to check them out:


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