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Best 15 Restaurants and Bars in Paddington, London

Paddington is the rave of London with beautiful parks, gardens, and squares worth exploring every corner. Of course, the restaurants in Paddington are not to be missed, but you could also stay and stargaze in the Grand Union Canal or explore the beautiful Paddington station designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel.

Potentially you may never have heard of Paddington, but have you heard of Penicillin? Paddington’s history includes Nobel Prize winner Sir Fleming, who revolutionised the world with his discovery of penicillin. While here, you can also visit St Mary’s Hospital and see where Prince William, Prince Harry, Princess Charlotte, and Prince George were born.

Staying in Paddington, London For Just a Short While?

Staying close to Paddington is a great idea, as it offers an amazing location, as well as many attractions like the world-famous Buckingham Palace. Staying closer means inexpensive transportation, enabling you to travel quickly near and very far. One of the best starting points within this area is the Park Grand London Paddington, which can be found at the heart of the district. Using the iconic London Underground network is the best way to discover London, and visitors have a great pick of central stations they can use in the Paddington area. Either direction you are choosing, one thing is sure: you don’t want to be burdened by your baggage.

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15 Great Restaurants in Paddington, London

Paddington manages to be both a transport hub and a business centre with offices, but not exactly known as a great dining destination. However, we recommend that if you travel to London and want the most convenient place to stay, look no further than the Paddington neighbourhood.

Not only will it keep you from having to commute to far-flung neighbourhoods, but there are plenty of restaurants, serving food from all corners of the globe as well as pubs for a bit of sightseeing.

1. London Shell Co, Paddington Central

London Shell Co. serves the finest British seafood while guests enjoy a journey along the beautiful and historic Regent’s Canal in Central London. You’ll be treated to British cuisine from chef Stuart Kilpatrick, taking you through London’s iconic landmarks such as; London Zoo, Regents Park and more.

2. The Grand Duchess

The Grand Duchess is a surprisingly spacious canal barge, permanently moored by Paddington Station, serving a fish-focused British menu and sparkling wines. The Grand Duchess is a floating restaurant with a focus on British fish, and it has a great bar that serves exotic drinks to accompany your meal.

3. Vagabond

Vagabond Paddington overlooks the canal and its new outdoor area is the perfect spot to chill with a glass of wine by the water. It’s not all about wine however, Vagabond’s kitchen is open for a nibble between friends or a seated private hire and everything in between with seasonal dishes, teas and coffees, craft beers and much more. 

4. The Bridge House Pub

The Bridge House is located near to Little Venice in a prominent corner location. One of the best bars in London, The Bridge House is a great place for pre-show and post-show drinks. They offer seasonal pub food and have specialty beers—including real ales on tap—that give you continuous views of the Little Venice canal.

5. KuPP

All-day restaurant & bar serving Scandinavian food with a British twist. Dine on the banks of the canal at Paddington’s Merchant Square. They have an award winning menu, which is Nordic inspired and uses techniques like curing, pickling and smoking. It’s fresh, colourful and delicious but still includes family favourites like burgers, meatballs and hotdogs.

6. Nipa Thai

Nipa Thai is an exquisite restaurant easily accessible in the heart of busy London. With beautiful decorations, modern Asian cuisine, and a welcoming presence, this beautiful little spot is something special. Specialising in healthy home-cooked authentic dishes, it offers panoramic views of Hyde Park and is not limited to just vegetarians.

7. Angelus

Just a few blocks from Paddington Station, Angelus is serving the most delicious French food. It is a famous jazz club and restaurant in London with wonderful Art-Déco interiors that originate from the old pub. Not only does this coming together of architecture and décor give off a unique vibe, but it also ensures your service is top notch.Try the duck liver crème brûlée for a sensational treat!

8. Zizi Paddington 

Zizzi is the best restaurant to eat at when you’re looking for authentic Italian dishes. Their menu includes everything from pizza to salads, and everything in between. Plus, they have a uniquely designed restaurant with friendly service.

9. The Waterway

If you’re looking for a great outdoor bar and terrace in Paddington for your next date, The Waterway should be at the top of your list. They have plenty of menu options and a stunning view, predominantly French and Modern European dishes, with a focus on delivering classic brasserie dishes. All in all, it has everything a romantic date can want. 
How to Improve Your Paddington Experience

If you’re in town for just a short while, you should store your luggage with our partner. Otherwise, it’s simply going to get in the way of your experience. From £7 a day, our partners will safely store your bags in a secure area. Same-day drop off and pick up is available, so no need for a hotel!

10. The Summerhouse

A lovely waterside seafood restaurant in Little Venice, where one can enjoy lobster, rosé, and an Aperol spritz (or three! ) in the open air. You can head here on a rainy day, order a seabass to share, and even if it doesn’t brighten up enough for them to roll back the tarps, you’ll leave feeling like you’ve been on holiday. 

11. Casa Malevo

If you want to taste Argentinian food in London, here’s the place to be. In their new menu, you will find traditional Argentine dishes, prepared with locally produced ingredients and several vegan options. 

12. Abasto

Don’t miss the opportunity to book a table at Abasto in London. Abasto is one of the best restaurants in Paddington that everyone talks about.

13. Kerb Paddington

Expect 12 of KERB’s best traders serving up lunch in the heart of Paddington on the third Wednesday of every month throughout the year.

14. The Pilgrim

The first floor lounge captures the old world glamour and beauty of the Victorian-era building. Serving breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks, The Pilgrim menus are a celebration of influences and techniques from around the world from Head Chef Sara Lewis. 

15. Darcie & May Green

Darcie Green provides the perfect setting for canal side dining, serving Aussie brunches, healthy lunches and relaxing dinners, featuring some of the best steaks, fresh fish and vegan dishes in London.

Things To Do In Paddington, London

When travelling to Paddington station, you can take a few minutes to walk some of London’s most famous landmarks and sights. Just take a stroll from Paddington station and see Kensington Gardens and the gardens at Regent’s Canal with its important museum of art and design, Royal Festival Hall. Of course, no visit is complete without taking a photo of the Paddington bear with its suitcase and hat. In addition, you can:

  • Enjoy street food in Merchant Square

Here you’ll find the home of street food shops on Tuesdays and Thursdays. On those days, enjoy up to 60% off. Trying not to get wet? Don’t worry, there’s a maze designed just for that!

  • Take a walk along the canal

The canal is home to Sheldon Square, an amphitheatre made of green grass with plenty of restaurants around. Their free outdoor ping-pong tables and free big screen shows make it the perfect summer spot

  • Take photos of the two famous bridges

If you’re in the mood for some tourist attractions, head over to see world-famous Rolling Bridge and Paddington’s Fan Bridge. These are two bridges that you can see opening on Wednesdays and Fridays at midday and are guaranteed not to disappoint.

  • Experience some water sports

However, if you are looking a little more daring or want an entirely new experience, you can rent a canal boat to Camden or even test your balance and rent a paddle board!

  • Go for a picnic

With its wide range of outdoor spaces, Norfolk and Talbot Gardens provide the perfect setting for a picnic. Benefits such as lawns and deck chairs are provided for ambiance, as well as amenities like ping pong and giant chess to entertain you and your friends.

As you can imagine, it’s all about your timetable. You’re not at any risk of running out of things to do in Paddington. 

Top Best 5 Bars in Paddington

When you visit Paddington Station and nearby areas in London, you will be able to enjoy the country’s fast-growing economy by visiting new bars in Paddington that serve traditional English cuisine, like warm crumpets and tartlets. Therefore we’ve done all the work for you by rounding up our top 5 favourites. 

  • Darcie & May Green

Darcie & May Green is arguably the best barge boat for brunch in Paddington. It has views of the Grand Union Canal and serves up some delicious Australian-inspired dishes, like smashed avocados and sweetcorn fritters.

  • The Union Bar in Paddington

You can stop by this casual but charming bar if you’re in West London and looking for a few pints. Sat next to Paddington Station with just a short walk from Little Venice, this bar is an excellent place to bed down for a few beers.

  • Skylark Roof Garden

Skylark is a new rooftop bar located in Little Venice, promising an incredible view of the city. The bar serves handpicked wines and frozen cocktails with a menu to enjoy in the sun. Come here with your date, and you’ll definitely enjoy a special night together. 

  • The Victoria

The Victoria Pub, located in the heart of London, is over 160 years old with an award-winning bar. A pub built around 1838, they have done well to keep up over time with casual drinks and Sunday spreads, recipes that are as old as the building itself.

  • The Green Man

The Green Man is a fun Paddington pub that’s known for its great cask ales, its meatier dinners, and it’s friendly atmosphere and staff. Our favourite menu item is the Juicy Bastard which is one of their fabled offerings.

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