Brighton Luggage Storage - Brighton Station

This is a very convenient Brighton luggage storage location, only about 200 metres from Brighton Train Station. Brighton Train Station does NOT provide luggage storage, so this is a great place to make the most of your time in Brighton.

You must book on our website to keep your bags at this location. They do not take cash payments in the store.

You can easily get to St. Noahs News by walking down Trafalgar Street, which goes underneath the train station.

This Brighton luggage storage location is a 2 minute walk to Brighton Station, 10 minute walk to The Lanes, 15 minute walk from the National Express Brighton Coach Station, and a 15 minute walk from London Road Brighton Station.

Does Brighton Station have luggage storage? No - Brighton Station does not offer luggage storage.

Are there luggage lockers in Brighton Station? No, but our luggage storage location is only a few minutes from Brighton Station.

Is there luggage storage in Brighton? Yes, we offer 2 different city centre locations.

Opening Hours
Sunday 8:15 - 23:00
Monday 7:15 - 23:59
Tuesday 7:15 - 23:59
Wednesday 7:15 - 23:59
Thursday 7:15 - 23:59
Friday 7:15 - 23:59
Saturday 7:15 - 23:59