We make it easy to find, book, and store your luggage. Here’s how it works:

Booking Process

  • Find a location
  • Select your drop off & pick up time
  • Pick how many bags you want to store
  • Provide your contact details (name, phone, and email, *We only use this info for your booking, just in case we need to contact you. We will not use it for anything else.)
  • Pay for booking


Dropping Off Luggage

When you arrive to your luggage storage location, make sure you that you have your email confirmation code & ID (passport or licence). When you arrive, the luggage storage provider will ask for your confirmation code & ID. After that, they will ask you simply open your bag for safety purposes. Then they’ll place a unique tamper-proof seal on your bag.

We’ve personally checked each of our storage locations to ensure that it has a secure location to store your luggage and CCTV to monitor your luggage’s safety and security.