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Want more income?

Are you a local business in search of a new revenue stream? Do you have excess space on your premises and would like to monetise it? Our network of partners is an essential part of our luggage storage business. Becoming a luggage storage provider with City Spare Space gets you more customers and more income with no extra cost. Here’s what our partners are in for:

Additional income

If you have any spare space in your business in a secure location with CCTV, then let’s start earning income with luggage storage! Every item that you store through our booking system earns you additional revenue.

Traffic to your venue

If you become our partner, your business will be listed on the City Spare Space website. Not only do we offer you exposure, but we’ll send meaningful traffic to your venue. Tourists and locals alike will visit you and possibly become your customers.


We take care of the entire process, from advertising to booking through our online platform and processing the payments. We will also notify you about the incoming customers and details about their bookings. All you need to do is be available during your opening hours and help them check their bags in and out of your venue.

What makes an ideal luggage storage provider?

  • You are a local business, convenience store, cafe, pub, etc.
  • You have a good location (e.g. near train/coach stations)
  • You have convenient opening hours (i.e. open 7/7 days, you open early & close late)
  • Become a partner by registering below